What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique- QHHT?

QHHT, or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, is a phenomenal life transforming process, developed over a 40 year period of time, by the renowned Hypnotherapist, and past life regression practitioner, Dolores Cannon. When properly engaged, your QHHT session will help you achieve the Theta state of consciousness, which will allow for a deep connection and communication with the Oversoul or Higher Self, which will speak through YOU. QHHT is a one on one, in person, hypnosis method which guides you into the deepest state of trance, using visualization and relaxation, hypnosis techniques, to assist you to reach a somnambulistic state of consciousness. When you are tapped into this heightened state, miracles unfold. The Subconscious or Divine Conscious, has both immense power, and is filled with unconditional love. It knows everything about you, and all that you are going through in this life, and in all of the past experiences your Soul has ever had. The Divine Being, that is truly YOU, as the pure Light that you ARE, has all of the answers, to all of our questions, and the solutions, to all of your challenges. In this state of deep trance communication with the Subconscious or SC you will be given important information for your healing process. The SC will help you move forward unencumbered by past burdens, clearing the karmic wheel and healing, at the root cause, will occur on every level.

Healing and QHHT

During your QHHT session you will be guided into a state of pure connection with the Subconscious or Superconscious, which we call the SC. The SC can identify ALL physical mental, emotional, relationship, and financial problems within the body, mind and spirit, in this lifetime, and when asked, if it is for the highest good, will conduct the healing remedy instantaneously during the session, or over sometime with additional instructions. With my help, as your practitioner, through a serious of questions, the SC will highlight the reasons or lessons to be learned as to why the disease, or particular emotion, or issue is being experienced, and this understanding is often what needs to come to light for the SC to remove it completely.

It is important to know that these miracles and clearings can only occur if it is in the highest good for the life path and that there is the willingness, on your part,  to accept the healing and the lessons. If the challenge or disease is important for the Soul’s Mission, the SC can help to release discomfort and give more clarity on the issues, but may not interfere with the reason for the Earth incarnation. Also, the SC will not take away the lesson if there is lack of care created with the body. We must take wonderful care of our bodies. In this case the SC will give instructions which must be followed for the full healing to occur. They cannot interfere with free will.

Over the course of her career, Dolores conducted sessions with thousands of clients and witnessed mind-boggling miracles beyond our three-dimensional comprehension. Before she passed in 2014,  she was able to teach students to do what she did and become practitioners of her powerful QHHT method. In so doing, She left a legacy that lives on forever. These are just some of the results Dolores and her QHHT practitioners are experiencing:

  • Digestion problems eliminated
  • 20/20 vision restored
  • Diabetes cases explained and completely cleared
  • AIDS and HIV cleared
  • Arthritis and it’s root cause explained and eliminated
  • Open flesh wounds closed with no scarring
  • Tumors removed
  • Body pains of all kinds removed
  • Cartilage and bone tissue restored
  • Kidney and liver tissue restored to health
  • Heart conditions cleared and explained
  • Migraine and skin conditions cleared at the root cause.
  • Clarity and manifestation of new jobs and fulfilled life missions
  • Understanding and healing of challenging relationship issues
  • Avenues of financial abundance provided and realized
  • The root cause of addictions realized and cleared
  • Clarity on next steps in moving forward on all levels
  • Weight Loss and digestive and metabolism brought to balance

There are no limits to what the SC, Superconscious, Highest Divine Being can do. In this work anything is possible and we have seen and experienced this over and over again miraculous unexplainable healings. QHHT is the “New Normal” and is changing the face and scope of conventional thinking, feeling, actions and how we view our life experience here on Earth.

Your Subconscious, Divine Being, which you can easily access with QHHT, has all of the answers and solutions.  

Books and Resources

Dolores Cannon wrote 17 books during her lifetime all of which where compilations of the thousands of  sessions she conducted over her 40 years of research and experience with Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and her work with the SC.

Click here the link to Dolores Cannon’s Amazon Book Shop: https://amzn.to/2Wwvy5o



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