The Casa in Brazil

The Casa de Dom Inácio is the largest Spiritual Healing Center in the world, located in a small village in the interior of Brazil. The Casa sits on a crystal plate 270 miles in diameter.  It is powered by God’s Angelic messengers from the Cosmic realms, we have come to call the Entities of Light, and Mother Nature’s awesome power house of Crystalline energy. Thousands of people come from all over the world to pray, meditate and surrender their burdens and dense energies over to the powerful Spiritual Light Beings of the Casa de Dom Inácio. At the Casa we are bathed in the Healing vibrations of Light and Love. 

The Healing work of the Casa Entities is not limited by time and space, or the presence of any human guru or medium. The Entities, work through photographs, The Casa Crystal Healing Beds at The Casa and around the world, Sacred Prayer Triangles, and through our prayers. The Spirits at The Casa work with anyone ready to connect to them, to ask for help in any and all areas of our lives. John of God has said time and again “ I am not the one who heals it is God who Heals.” 

The  Casa Healing work starts to happen as soon as we say “YES,” with intention of working with the Spirits of Light, asking them for help and making it known we are ready to build a relationship with these benevolent Beings of Love. They start helping us in our home towns,  as we are preparing for our trip, as we travel to The Casa, and then, more intensely as we enter the village where The Casa is located. They continue to assist us as we are in our rooms at the pousadas (guest houses), while we are taking a walk on The Casa grounds, sitting on a bench watching the sunset, during Crystal Bed sessions, or sitting in quiet contemplation in the powerful Casa Current meditation rooms. 

The Entities are intervening in the invisible realms, even back at home, in our daily lives.  The Entities of Light and Love work in teams to help clear, cleans, and transmute whatever dense energies we are holding, into pure Love Light Energy- our true nature- and to remember that we are Divine Beings, Children of God. 

The Casa de Dom Inácio (the house of St Ignatius Loyola) is a spiritual healing Sanctuary in Abadiânia, central Brazil where the Entities of Light  have worked from the Spirit Realms, helping countless people achieve apparently miraculous healings – of cancer, AIDS, paraplegia, blindness and many other serious or seemingly “incurable” illnesses.

The Casa de Dom Inacio is a beautiful sanctuary setting overlooking the nearby expanse of hills and valleys centered on the largest crystal out cropping in the world, a natural energy vortex formed by quartz crystal bedrock beneath the surface.

Casa de Dom Inácio is a place of love and healing. The physical layout is well designed to accommodate the hundreds each day who gather there. The house of  St. Ignatius is surrounded by tropical fruit trees and beautiful flower gardens. The main building is a large meeting hall with several large rooms attached where hundreds of people, coming from all over the world experience the transformation of  of the Spiritual Healing of God and his messengers of Grace. J

ohn of God