Crystal Light Bed Session Pricing

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Crystal Light Healing Bed in Ojai, CA

Call Cassandra Lea: 805-746-5432

Crystal Light Healing Bed in Wilmington , NC

Call Deb Court: 805-585-9277

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Crystal Bed sessions cost, one for $65.00

three for $180.00, five for $275.00, ten sessions for $500.00.

(pre-paid package discounts)

We are honored to be given the Mission by the Spirit Entities, from the Casa in Brazil to bring back, to our USA communities, in Ojai, CA and Wilmington, NC the Crystal Light Healing Beds, to serve the Transformation and Awakening of Humanity.

Wilmington, NC                            

Deb Court

Call or Text: 805-585-9277

Ojai, CA                                                      

Cassandra Lea

Call or Text: 805-746-5432                                

PRAYER TRIANGLE – When you come for a crystal bed session, you will also be able to experience the communication portal to the Spirits of the Light, through the sacred prayer triangle located in the Crystal Bed room.  It has been activated (turned on!) by the Entities of the Casa de Dom Inacio and serves as a direct link (or portal) to the hundreds, if not thousands, of Divine Spirit helpers who are listening and ready to help in every area of our Lives. J

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