Modern Day Lemurians

Cassandra Lea and I, Deb Court, are excited to bring our Crystal Clear Miracles, hand faceted, natural, blessed and beautiful, crystal pendants and rosaries back from  Brazil, to the USA making them available through Amazon (Click this link to see all of our pieces).



When we were dreaming in this project we became filled with joy at the prospect of sending off our little crystal power tools, filled with the blessings and prayers of the Casa de Dom Inacio Current Entities of Light, all over the USA like seeds of powerful healing Love Light.    John of God 



Following in the footsteps of ancient Lemurians, we are spreading the powerful Crystalline Energies of Mother Nature, Source Energy, and the Cosmic Realms, like seeds, to assist in the transformation and awakening of “Humanity is a Divine Being.” Cassandra and I are the mother daughter team who created, Crystal Clear Miracles LLC and we are committed to: “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”   John of God


Through our partnership with Amazon, we have “planted” over 1000 of these little light workers all over the country, and beyond. Each one of our Crystal Clear Miracles products are hand picked, bathed in the Casa Current Energies, and then lovingly wrapped by the two of us, and sent out to their new homes. John of God