Your QHHT Session

Your Subconscious, or Divine Oversoul, has brought you to this work because you are ready to take the fast track, and accelerate your mission to heal, improve, and manifest the Divine Life you are meant to lead, during this Earth School incarnation. The Subconscious, which we call the SC, is your Highest Divine Self. The SC is “running the show”, and is at all times, before, during, and after your session, showing you images, and giving you insights for your highest good, complete healing on all levels and fulfillment of your Life’s Purpose. Below is an explanation and the structure of our QHHT session together.

The Interview: The first part of your session is what we call the interview. This is where we get to know each other, and you get to talk about what is going on in your life now, go in-depth about why you have come to the session, and go back in this life time to recount your childhood, all the players in your life, past and present, and what you have experienced up until now. The SC is assisting you in re-telling your life story, helping you piece together lessons and insights as you look back and share what you remember. It is also in the interview where you will tell me your list of questions and healing petitions to ask the SC for help and understanding.  This section of the session has no time limit and takes as long as it takes sometimes between 2 and 3 hours.

The Induction: This is where the magic happens. With Dolores Cannon’s skillful, perfectly crafted, time tested, hypnosis technique, you will easily and effortlessly be guided into a deep state of relaxation and naturally led into the somnambulistic trance. This is a natural state called Theta, which each one of us experiences twice a day, every day of our lives, when we are just about to fall off to sleep at night and just as we are waking up in the morning. It is easy to let go and trust your first impressions, and as I ask questions you will effortlessly and with confidence describe to me what you are sensing in your inner landscape. As you talk about what you are seeing I will guide you deeper and deeper into the inner journey.

Past Life Regression: Next the SC will show you the most appropriate pictures and memories of your souls past experiences to assist you in your healing process. These may be of normal human lives you have lived before or from childhood, including significant days where things that happened are important for you to see. Sometimes the SC will show you experiences from energy dimensions or from the Spirit realms.  The scenes and visions contain important messages that the Superconscious will explain during the session to assist in your development, your healing and give you important insights.

Working With the SC: Now it is time to call on the Subconscious Oversoul who takes care of you, each and every moment, with such beautiful wisdom and unconditional Love. This is the part of your QHHT session where we are in direct communication with your Highest Divine Self who will answer all of your questions and proceed to do miraculous healings instantaneously, during the session, and will continue to do the healing work over a period of time afterward. The SC will clarify and assist you with the messages from the Past Life Regression journey, give you instructions where needed, guiding you in your healing and awakening process. During this part of the session, the SC will do, what we call, a“Body Scan” which will adjust and heal, at the root cause, any imbalances through-out your body. During this time the SC will describe the process, and rational behind each method being used. This is a mind blowing, life altering, powerful process, in which the Divine Light that is YOU, is able to heal on every level, without limitation or restriction.

Post Session Talk: When you are guided out of the hypnotic state, you will feel wonderful awake, rested and energized. Now we can have a nice discussion about your experience, make observations and highlight the important areas of what happened. Just like when you are dreaming, sometimes you will remember most of the session and sometimes you will remember parts of it, or not much at all, and most certainly it will fade away as time goes on. This is a wonderful opportunity to recap on one of the most interesting powerful and empowering experiences in your life. You will never be the same again.

Recording your Session: You will receive a recording of your session which is a Golden Treasure. I encourage you to listen to your session over and over again as you will receive more and more information and healing from it each time you hear it. The recording holds an energy transmission that will continue to assist you to go deeper and deeper, receiving greater insights into the messages given, clearing, cleansing and transforming on every level. Listening to your recording is an important part of the QHHT GOLDEN GIFT your High Self has given you. ENJOY!!! I Look forward to being your Guide on this Divine Journey. 

Preparing for Your QHHT Session

You are venturing into the most wonderful communication with the ALL Knowing Divine Being, which is who you are at the Highest Levels. Before your session, make a list of questions and requests for healing on every level.
Take your time with this. Look at your life, and anything that you would like to improve, heal, release, or manifest and write it down.
This can be on all levels– physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc.
Look at your relationships with people in your life now or who have passed. Is there anyone or anything you need to forgive or where you feel you need to be forgiven?
Are there any improvements you want to make in your living situation, your job or profession, etc.?
The Subconscious or SC, will be doing a healing scan on your body during the session, so if you have a physical disease or are experiencing discomfort or health issues of any kind, be sure to add them to your list to be addressed.
The sky is the limit here. So wherever you’re ready to open to the miracles of healing and transformation, write it down to bring attention to your intention!
For three or more days before your session, practicing meditation for 15-20 minutes/day is highly recommended.
If you are not currently a meditator, that’s okay! You can even just sit and listen, with your eyes closed, to a guided meditation on YouTube. The goal is to sit, relax and commune with your inner being… whichever path you take.
Our sessions will always start at 1:00, and can run 4 or 5+ hours, so it’s important to eat a good breakfast and lunch before you arrive.
I highly recommend that you do not schedule anything after our session together. It is important not to have anything on your mind that might pull you away from being present. Make sure to let your loved ones know that you will not be available during your session. This is very powerful work, so afterward, you’ll want to have a nice leisurely meal to ground yourself. Following your meal, your time may include a nap or maybe just watching the sunset or the stars twinkle in the sky.
I Look forward to being your Guide on this, most wonderful QHHT Journey.

Books and Resources

Dolores Cannon wrote 17 books, during her lifetime, all of which where compilations of the thousands of  sessions she conducted over her 40 years of research and experience with Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and her work with the SC.

Click here the link to Dolores Cannon’s Amazon Book Shop:

Also, go to and search for Dolores Cannon to hear her speak about past life regression, working with the SC and all about her work over 40 years developing the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, QHHT.

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