Sodalite is also known as “The Poet’s Stone.” Well known for its blue color, sodalite may also be grey, yellow, green, or pink, with white Calcite interspersed. The biggest deposits of Sodalite are found in Brazil.

Sodalite is useful in harmonizing the conscious with the sub-conscious minds. It is a stone of self expression and confidence, making it ideal for writers, artists, and performers.

Sodalite promotes calm and order and can be beneficial in common areas where many lives intersect, whether that is a common living area, break room, classroom, or workshop.

Sodalite is beneficial when working in groups, and facilitates creativity and cooperation. While strengthening creativity and imagination, it can also foster logic and rationality, making it an excellent addition to creative workplaces, such as recording studios, radio stations, and advertisement agencies.

Sodalite advances honest emotions and love and helps to release past conditioning. It promotes trust in intuition and bolsters self-esteem.