Angel Shape

The word “Angel” is derived from the ancient Greek angelos, meaning messenger. At their most basic, Angels are symbolic of communication between The Earthly Plane and The Spirit Realms, between God and man.

In an historical context, Angels are the Divine Beings who carry messages between the Creator and His creation. They wish to see us fulfill our deepest potential for happiness and virtue, most of us simply overlook their signs.

The symbol of an Angel can be indicative of Divine messages, self-awareness, Faith, compassion, and renewal.

Our current energetic environment is shifting so rapidly, Angels can be an energetic channel, facilitating communication between one’s own idea of the Divine.  Angels are liaisons between Heaven and Earth.  They carry concepts, thoughts and ideas to be dispersed throughout countless dimensions of experience.

The wings of an Angel are symbolic of the evolution of the soul, higher realms of existence, ascension, and Spiritual mobility.

Imagery of Angels can offer us assistance in the metamorphosis we need to effectively communicate with The Spirit Realms. Angels are a bridge between Heaven and Earth, channeling God’s Love for us without alteration.

Angels give us magical gifts and inspiration to achieve the remembrance of God’s Divine nature within each of us. We reinforce our spiritual connection by calling on the Angels to use their power to lead us on a healthy, loving path through life.