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All of our Crystal Jewelry is sealed with the Blessings of the Entities of Light and Love that work at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil. We have made this beautiful, handcrafted, prayer filled, Crystal Jewelry available online through

Crystal Meanings and Messages:

Amethyst ~ Citrine ~ Clear Quartz ~ Rose Quartz ~ Green Obsidian ~ Smoky

                 Sodalite ~ Amazonite ~ Multi-Quartz ~ Chakra Stones~

Triangle Shape ~ Heart Shape ~ Angel Shape ~ Solomon Seal ~ Cross Shape

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All of our beautiful pieces are works of art, lovingly hand faceted and beaded,

so each one is unique. Our Crystals are hand selected, programmed and

sealed with a Powerful Prayer Filled Blessing.

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We, at Crystal Clear Miracles, are committed to facilitating the path to

well-being, and the remembrance of the Divinity of Humanity,

supporting the manifestation of “May Peace Prevail on Earth”.

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Each prayer beaded necklace or pendant, will vary slightly

in size, shape, color, and pattern, as we select each handmade

piece before personally carrying it back from Brazil.

These are natural stones and each one has its own

unique inclusions, clarity, color, and shape.

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Every piece of jewelry from Crystal Clear Miracles is

individually packaged, with care, in a velveteen bag

and a white box with the Sacred Geometry Emissary Wheel.

Included is a card with an explanation of the stone’s

meanings and messages and a prayer for the Divinity of Humanity.


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The enclosed card displays the first paragraph of the affirmation,

Jinrui Soku Kami Nari, which is a Japanese spiritual phrase that means

‘Humanity is Divine’.  It is a universal invocation for the inner peace and

awakening to Divine Consciousness of each and every Human Being.

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On each gift box, and set behind the stone indications, and prayer card,

is The Emissary Wheel, which is a sacred geometric symbol,

made up of one center circle, surrounded by a triangle, and

four larger triangles, creating twelve outer points.

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Each point on The Emissary Wheel, has a related attribute

pointing to our highest and brightest human qualities.

The Emissary Wheel can be used for meditation, harnessing intention,

focusing energy and prayer, to be uplifting of the Self and all of Humanity.

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Give these beautiful gifts to your Loved Ones and remember to treat yourself too!

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