Triangle Shape

The triangle has, for centuries, been revered as a sacred symbol. It appears in ancient culture through lore, spirituality, and mystic teachings.

In most cultural teachings, the Triangle represents the power of three. In numerology, three represents the union of the numbers prior to it (one and two). If one represents force, and two represents an opening, then three is the birthing of true wisdom.

To the Greeks, the Triangle is the delta glyph and is symbolic of a doorway. Similar to the Greeks, Pagans believed the symbol of a triangle to represent a composite of three gods or goddesses being brought to the physical realm. In both cultures, the triangle represents a portal or gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds.

In Celtic culture, the Triangle is seen in the form of the Triskelion, Triquetra, and various other trinity Celtic knot motifs. The Triquetra is a symbol to represent Brigid, a goddess who embodies inspiration and healing.

Other historical and cultural trinities represented by the triangle are the stages of the moon- Waxing/Waning/ Full, Father/Son/Holy Ghost, Past/Present/Future, Creator/ Destroyer/Sustainer, among many others.

At The Casa de Dom Inácio, the Spiritist Center where John of God does his work, the sides of the Triangle represent Faith/Love/Charity, with the bottom being Charity and the two sides Faith and Love. Each side, in this case, supports the others. Love and Faith combined are true Charity. And without Charity, giving back in some way through Love and Faith, we are not genuinely living in Love, and so on. The Triangle is used as a portal to communicate prayer to the Angelic Realms.