Frequently Asked Questions

  • Abadiania a safe place?
  • What is there to do in Abadiania?
  • Can I drink the water in Abadiania?
  • Do you need to be sick to see visit The Casa de Dom Inacio?
  • Are there medical facilities in Abadiania?
  • Do I need a tour guide to go to Abadiania?
  • When will I be healed?
  • Are VACCINATIONS required?
  • What are the WEATHER conditions (Fahrenheit degrees)?
  • Do I need to bring SNACKS from home?
  • What is the ELECTRICITY standard in Abadiania?
  • Where do I exchange CURRENCY from dollars to Brazilian reals?
  • Do I need to wear WHITE CLOTHING every day?

Abadiania a safe place?

The quaint little town of Abadiania is very safe if you follow the basic common sense guidelines that you should follow in any foreign city. 1) Walk with a partner at night and only on streets that have street lights, 2) Wear clothing that is non-provocative, 3) Keep large sums of money and your passport in a secure place in your pousada, 4) Keep your expensive jewelry in a safe place at your pousada, 5) Stay on roads if taking walks.

What is there to do in Abadiania?

You are in a spiritual hospital, so we encourage our participants to be respectful to the Spiritual Doctors who are working with you. Treat your visit to Abadiania as a retreat. Spend the majority of your time in quiet solitude, meditation and prayer at the Casa or the Pousada. Watch the sunrise and/or set, lay on a hammock, watch and listed to the birds sing. There are many wonderful shops to buy beautiful crystals and gifts in the village. Short visits to cafes and internet rooms are fine, but remember why you have come to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania. The Casa Entities of Light recommend that you stay in Abadiania during your treatment, to maintain your energy and connection to the Entities of Light and Spirit Doctors who are assisting you. Because your energy field is very open and the Entities are working at a deep spiritual level with each one, touring and shopping outside of Abadiania, during your treatment is contrary to the purpose of your visit.

Can I drink the water in Abadiania?

We recommend that you buy your water at the Casa. The water sold at the Casa Shop  has been blessed by The Entities of Light. It is recommended that you drink 1 to 2 liters of the blessed water per day to cleanse the body of the waste bi-products created by your spiritual healing.

Do you need to be sick go to the Casa de Dom Inacio?

Everyone is welcome at the Casa de Dom Inacio. Many doctors, healers and people on a spiritual path are traveling to see The Casa to receive a blessing and ask for heightened spiritual/healing gifts. Some people travel to The Casa to discover their mission or purpose in life, or to help find a perfect profession and heal money issues, or to find a perfect mate or Beloved, or to discover greater inner Peace, and/or ask for help for a loved one who needs healing.

Are there medical facilities in Abadiania?

There is a clinic and several pharmacies in Abadiania but there is no hospital. You must travel 40 minutes to the nearest hospital and an hour and a half to a major medical facility.

Do I need a tour guide to go to Abadiania?

It is recommended that each person who visits the Casa for the first time should go with a Casa tour guide. There are protocols around how everything works at the Casa. Since the spoken language there is Portuguese, it is really beneficial to work with a guide who will share information in advance of your visit that will prepare you for the spiritual healing a visit to the Casa will render. A guide will also give you helpful orientations, provide all hotel reservations and ground transportation between the airport and Abadiania, take you through the line during the Casa session and take you through all the protocols on how to best take care of yourself  after your Spiritual Intervention, help you as you recover after your treatments, take you to the sacred waterfall, and be able to answer every question that arises during your healing process. Having a guide is also helpful in the case of any emergency—medical or otherwise.

When will I be healed?

There are many factors involved in answering this question. Each person is unique and each has acquired certain physical health conditions due to something being out-of-balance in their emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. The Entities of Light at the Casa go to the source of the issue and help you to come into alignment in these outer fields and once that alignment occurs, a person can notice improvement in their physical body. Some people have had an instant healing and for some it takes a period of time. Healing is a personal and transforming process which generally unfolds over a period of time. Your healing may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or all of these. Some people experience almost immediate results; others recover over time, and some may require multiple visits.

Are VACCINATIONS required?

At the time of this writing in 2019, vaccinations are recommended, but not required, by the Brazilian Government if you are traveling to the state of Goiás where Abadiania is located. Please visit this site for more details: Los Angeles Consulate website

What are the WEATHER conditions (Fahrenheit degrees)?

Generally daytime temperatures year-round average in the mid-80s, with occasional spikes higher than that. During rainy days, it can average more in the mid-70s and sometimes even a bit lower. Night- time temps average in the low 60s most of the year. But between mid-June and early August, it can occasionally drop into the low 50s, more commonly in the low 60s. It can get pretty brisk. Early morning walks to the Casa can be quite chilly. Bring one heavy sweater or a light jacket for that time of year. For up-to-date weather in Abadiania, see our links page.

Do I need to bring SNACKS from home?

We recommend bringing your own favorite snacks to get you by (especially on the plane in case the airline food does not satisfy you). In Abadiania, there are 4 cafes close to the pousada and on the way to the Casa. These cafes offer freshly squeezed/blended fruit juices, shakes and various espresso delights of joy. Some serve healthy sandwiches, organic salads, pizzas and snacks of varying degrees such as homemade chocolate cake. Never bring fresh fruits or vegetables onto the airplane unless you consume them completely before landing in Brazil.


You are required to obtain medical and medical transportation travel insurance if you travel with a Casa certified guide. Pre-existing conditions may be covered if you purchase your travel insurance within 14 days following the purchase of your airline tickets or payment of your tour deposit. Check with your travel insurance agency to see what their policy is for pre-existing conditions.

What is the ELECTRICITY standard in Abadiania?

A. If you need to bring an appliance such as a hair dryer or razor, Brazil’s voltage is 220 volts and 50 hertz. You must bring an adaptor that fits the sockets used in Brazil and a converter to convert 220 volts to 110 volts if your appliance is not rated for 220 volts.

Where do I exchange CURRENCY from dollars to Brazilian reals?

It is best to bring US Dollars or Euros to Abadiania where we will introduce you to the best money changers there.

There is a currency exchange office in the Brasilia Airport. The Casa bookstore will accept MaterCard and Visa credit cards for purchases. This is where you will buy your blessed water, books, rosaries, crystals, and other souvenirs. The Casa pharmacy will accept credit cards for the purchase of the blessed herbs. There are two money exchange offices in Abadiania but their hours are not posted. You will need to provide cash if you utilize their services.

Travelers Checks, Money Orders and Personal Checks are not accepted in Abadiania.

Do I need to wear WHITE CLOTHING every day?

You will need to wear white clothing to the Casa twice a day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Wear white socks and under garments too. After the healing sessions are over, and on Saturday through Tuesday, casual clothing of any color is acceptable to wear. White tennis shoes or sandals of any color are appropriate to wear at the Casa.