Amazonite is often referred to as “The Truth stone.” Amazonite is a mint to aqua green stone, and promotes communication, integrity, and honor.

Amazonite can be helpful in business practices where empathy and compassion are useful. It assists in clear communication and creative problem solving. When trust and loyalty are involved, Amazonite can be beneficial in the workplace.

Amazonite supports and strengthens relationships and can reinforce tenderness and devotion. It can facilitate feelings of intimacy and affection. Teamwork in a family unit can be strengthened by keeping Amazonite in common areas.

Amazonite fosters honesty and our ability to speak our truth calmly and without malice. Keeping Amazonite in sleeping quarters can help  use time in dreams to sort out daily obstacles, and awaken with clarity.

Amazonite is a talisman of prosperity, particularly prosperity due to integrity and sincerity. It can facilitate our desire to give back and through doing so, receive rewards of  great abundance.