Group QHHT Journey

Group Past Life Regression Workshops are a fun and enlightening way to experience a glimpse into QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. We will explore a past life, meet your Guides or Guardian Angels, and take a look at your future Self. You will find answers to your questions and beautiful transformations will occur.

After an introduction to the work we will settle in and take three Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sacred Journeys together. Everything that we do will be Guided by your Divine Oversoul or Divine Subconscious, which is the Oneness of who you truly are. This Divine Being will show you the perfect pictures and provide the perfect experiences to help move you forward on the path of perfect health, wealth, inner PEACE and the Divine Purpose you are here, on this Earth, to express.

Past Life Regression: 

The Subconscious, or what we will call the SC,  will show you the most appropriate pictures and memories of your souls past experience to assist you in your healing process, at this time. These may be of normal human lives you have lived before or from childhood, including significant days where things that happened are important for you to see. Sometimes the SC will show you experiences from energy dimensions or from the Spirit realms.  The scenes and visions contain important messages to assist in your development, your healing and give you important insights.

Meet your Guide or Guardian Angel:

During our second journey you will meet your primary Guide or Guardian Angel and receive a vision of how they look or feel, their name or an image of how they can be most easily accessed, and a message that will help you during this stage of your life. Plus, you will be given a gift which will help you along your way.

A Look into the future:

Finally we will do a vision quest into the Future. This will be a beautiful journey which will give you a look into your most bright love filled, abundant, healthy Self. You will have the opportunity to meet your future Self,  surrounded with all the details of your most perfect outcome stepping forward. Remember, everything begins with a thought, a dream. It is a law of the Universe, the “Law of Manifestation”, that if you can see it you can create it. This is a powerful journey which will inform you of how your future is meant to be, which will be given as a gift of vision from your Higher Divine Self.

Sharing and questions: 

At the end of the session you will have the opportunity to share any of your experiences or insights and ask any questions that come up. This is a fun part of the session which is voluntary. You will receive insights and messages even from the other people in your group when they share their experiences. We will wrap up the session with a short powerful guided meditation.