The Emissary Wheel

The Emissary Wheel is an ancient symbol adapted by the Emissaries of Light through their lineage in the Community of the Beloved Disciple. There is no way to know how long this sacred symbol has been used, it likely predates the Emissaries themselves.    

~ James Twyman

Emissary Wheel Black with Color Spectrum

The Emissary Wheel represents creation and life, as well as the transformational journey of moving closer to our spiritual center.

The Emissary Wheel is a large circle with four triangles creating a dodecagon or twelve sided polygon, with a triangle and a circle inside. The Emissary Wheel signifies our journey toward experiencing true peace.

Working from the inside out, the circle in the middle represents the pure Divine Love Light which we truly are. Trust, gratitude, and the transformational power of the “Ultimate Spiritual Process” of surrender are attributes of the center triangle.

The four outer triangles creating spokes intersecting to create the corners of the dodecagon, which represents the twelve highest qualities or attributes to cultivate in our human form. They start furthest apart at the outer perimeter of largest circle and edge of the symbol, and move closer as they approach the center, symbolizing separating thought systems employed by the Ego.

Emissary Wheel Qualities

The outer circle of the Emissary Wheel represents creation. Everything inside the circle is a symbol of the created universe, while the vast space outside the Wheel represents the infinite potential of the creative impulse.

emissary wheels Black Line

The Emissary Wheel can be used as a powerful meditation tool. After your closed eye meditation, try looking deep into the center of the wheel with a soft focus and watch as the triangles spin as you fill your heart with gratitude.