Custom Order Blessed Crystals 

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About the Crystals

Our selection of crystals and stones from the Casa de Dom Inacio’s Sanctuary Healing Center, in Brazil, is always changing and includes, large, medium, and small, single point crystals, crystal clusters, as well as crystal pyramids, spheres, heart and angle shapes, etc.  Also, rosaries, necklaces, and bracelets, are offered in an array of different types of stones such as, clear quarts, smoky quarts, rosy quarts, citrine, green quarts, blue quarts, jasper, tigers eye, etc etc. in angel, triangle, merkaba, pyramid, heart, faceted  5, 6 and 12, pointed star shapes, and much much more.

Some crystals have green chlorophyll inside, some are filled with sparkling silver or gold rutilated  threads, and some have internal phantoms showing up as striations or pyramids.  Each crystal is unique and special and has it’s own qualities that make it a very personal gift, depending on what qualities the crystal holds within.

The Casa Crystal Blessing

All of the crystals we bring back, from our Journeys to the Casa de Dom Inacio, are sealed with a powerful Blessing by the, The Entities of Light,  who work at the Casa, and the frequencies of the Casa Current, for spiritual transformation, growth and healing on all levels. The Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil is situated on the largest Crystal Plate in the world, which is about 270 miles in diameter. 


Prices on the various items range from about $25 – $500 or more, depending on item, or for crystals, on quality and size, plus shipping and handling. Contact us through email or make a phone appointment with Deb at deb@crystalclearmiracles,com or Call 805-669-5643, to go over our current inventory or to make a custom order to be purchased during our next Casa Journey, just for you.

When you make your order, we will give you a quote, including shipping, send you an invoice, so you can use your credit or debit card or send a check to Crystal Clear Miracles at PO Box 2282, Wilmington NC 28402. When we receive funds we will mail everything out to you. Or if you are local to Wilmington NC, you can come, in person, choose your crystals and pay with a check or credit/debit card.

The Casa Benefits

Each item purchased from the Casa also benefits the on-going maintenance of the Casa and helps provide the daily soup that is fed to the visitors at the Casa and to the Abadiania’s hungry and impoverished citizens at the satellite soup kitchen on the other side of the city at no charge.