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Dan and I have officially made our big move across the USA, from Ojai, California, to Wilmington, North Carolina. We are still working on the restoration of our historic downtown bungalow which is slated to be complete by the end of July. Until then, we are staying in a beautiful Historic, 1893 B&B called the CW Worth House.

We are having so much fun here in our new town. The culture here is rich with history and a prolific music and theatre scene.  Dan and I are exploring every day, sampling new restaurants, attending community events, functions and meeting lots of people.
Click here to see some photos of our time here in Wilmington
Update from our visit to The Casa March 2019We went to the Casa in Brazil  in March of 2019, to experience for ourselves what is happening there since John of God, set Saint Rita of Cassia in charge of the Work.  I am so excited and grateful to report that the Healing continues there, and it is as strong as ever. The Current rooms are still full of people from all over the world sitting in prayer and meditation. I felt the energy as we sat in the Current Meditation is very deep and quite powerful with clear insights and luminous visions. The Casa current sessions are running about two hours long with 100’s of people going through the lines to present their issues and receive the healing interventions and blessings directly from the Benevolent Entities of Light at the Casa.The Casa Angelic Spirits are working vigilantly with each one of us directly without the intersession of a single medium translating the messages. Because there is no one in the mediums chair to ask questions, there is a heightened layer of responsibility to hone, and develop our own personal mediumship skills, communicating with the Entities of Light, and to sort out and navigate our thoughts, positive and negative feelings, insights and intuition, into what needs to be cleansed, cleared and healed and what the messages of love and light are being transmitted to us directly. The Spirits of Light and Love at the Casa are helping us to move into a new paradigm shift of direct connection and relationship participating fully from within. The Entities of Light are ready and present to assist us to release the old baggage of worry fear and unresolved embitterments and clear the space for more Peace, more Love, and sweet Joy.

Click here to read many healing testimonies reported since Dec 9th, when Medium Joao left the Casa to St Rita of Cassia. Casa Healing Stories

Crystal Clear Miracles two year Anniversary Nov 2018
Cassandra and I are excited to announce the two year anniversary of Crystal Clear Miracles, bringing our blessed and beautiful crystal pendants and rosaries back from Brazil, to the USA. When we where dreaming in this project we became filled with joy at the prospect of sending off our little gems, filled with the blessings and prayers of the Casa Current Entities, all over the country like seeds of powerful healing Love Light. 
Following in the footsteps of ancient Lemurians, we are spreading the powerful Crystalline Energies of Mother Nature, Source Energy, and the Cosmic Realms, to assist in the transformation and awakening of “Humanity is a Divine Being.” Cassandra and I are Crystal Clear Miracles and we are committed to “My Peace Prevail on Earth.”Through our partnership with Amazon, we have “planted” over 1000 of these little light workers all over the country, and beyond. Each one of our crystal babies is hand picked, lovingly wrapped by the two of us, and sent out to their new homes.To celebrate the season of Love, we have created an exclusive coupon giving a 15% discount on our heart shape pendants and rosaries. Enjoy!
What Happened with John of God
I am sure you have heard in the media, and if not you are hearing it from me now, that Medium João Texeria, John of God, has been taken into custody with accusations of long term sexual abuse, among other charges. He is now awaiting trial in jail. I believe we are not here to condemn nor condone the actions and choices of our Human Brothers and Sisters- no matter how deplorable- but to send Blessings on the Eternal Souls, as we learn our own lessons and allow the Good to Prevail— as Light shines in on even the darkest secret places.  My prayers of Love, protection, and deep surrender to right action, go out to all involved in this. May God and the Entities, hold our Sisters and Brothers, The Casa staff, and Medium João’s eternal soul, in the Bright Light of Grace- to heal and transmute these deep wounds- for the good of ALL!I feel Humanity is being called to rise up and take back the power we have given over to other human beings; gurus, celebrities, and men set in powerful positions. We are called to place it- rightly so- back in direct connection to Divine Healing Light, and Love’s Powerful Grace. In times of tragedy, chaos, and deep despair pervading the planet, we are called to rise up, take responsibility for our direct connection to the Beloved Entities of Light, and ask God for strength and courage to move forward in Love and Peace. What does not serve the Light, is being brought to the forefront in every corner of the globe to be transmuted and used, for the arising Miracles to come. The Master Jesus taught us to Love unconditionally and to forgive even that which seems most unforgivable. I stand strong, holding the Space of Love, as we walk through this dark night together, Trusting the work of the Entities of Light to Guide us and Protect us.Before Medium João left The Casa, he put the statue of St. Rita of Cascia, the Saint of the Impossible, on his chair and said that WORK at the Casa de Dom Inácio, will continue under her care. The Casa gates are open, with sessions running on the regular Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, schedule. Pilgrims are coming together, from all over the world in reverence, during this time of transition, and reporting incredible deep healing, spontaneous spiritual interventions, and luminous transformations and insights.If you are called to the work of the Entities of Light, have been to The Casa in the past, or have been longing to make the journey, come join us in 2019- drink in and experience the delicious rebirth of the Casa de Dom Inácio. We will be traveling with groups March 4th-16th and August 5th-17th, 2019. 

The Light Will Prevail, and all is unfolding in perfect order, in the hands of God and the messengers- the Entities of Light and Love.

Updates on Deb and Dan

Since our Crystal Oaks house sale on Encino Dr in the Ojai Valley on April 19th, 2018, Dan and I have been living in our “tiny house” RV, traveling about and primarily staying at beautiful Lake Casitas. We are happy and healthy living simply and cozy among some of the most beautiful scenery in Southern California.

Sometime at the end of March beginning of April we will be off on our new life adventure making our way to the East Coast, where we are restoring a sweet home in the historic district of Wilmington, North Carolina. We will be coming back to Ojai, to visit friends and family several times a year.

4 thoughts on “Deb’s Blog

  1. Caitlin

    Thanks for the opportunity to travel with you to John of God, and for all your fastidious work to make it happen for us, Deb!
    Namaste, dear!

  2. Here we go, ramping up for our next Sacred Journey to Brazil to work with John of God and the powerful Current energies there. This trip is a powerful way to release old habits and stuck negative thought forms, to bath your Spirit in the powerful energies of Unconditional Love, Healing and Balancing on all levels. What a Gift to Give YourSelf and your Loved Ones.

  3. Laurie Slate

    Deb, thank you for the support and guidance you provided for our group during the John of God journey in August. Leaving after the first week was harder than I thought because not only were the experiences in the Casa transformative and beautiful, but the way you brought the group together created a community of love and support very quickly which translated into strength to go “in deeper”. Next time I will ensure I have enough time off to complete the 2 weeks! I deeply appreciate how you were able to guide us each step of the way so that we could maximize our time in this sacred experience. Much love to you and your beloved ones.

  4. Ileana

    May be the peace of God be with you.
    This is ileana We met at Pousada Dos Anjos
    This past November.
    I am back in Burbank California just got to my new place Thanks be to God for that and just opened my Crystal bed.
    I’m so exited to help my friends and neighbors
    Experience the crystals.
    Is there anything else I should know on how to get started as a business that you can share with me that would be of benefit to me?
    Please let me know. Grateful for having met you I shall never forget my experience at the sacred water falls with you and the two other ladies. Thank you .

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