Prayer Triangle

When you visit the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil or our Crystal Bed Rooms in Ojai, CA and Wilmington, NC  it becomes apparent that the symbol of the triangle is of significance.

Using Casa Prayer Triangles is an important part of the work at the Casa de Dom Inacio.The triangles are communications portals to the hundreds and even thousands Entities of Light and Love at work at the Casa. 

At The Casa de Dom Inácio, the Spiritist Center, the sides of the Triangle represent Faith/Love/Charity, with the bottom being Charity and the two sides Faith and Love. Each side, in this case, supports the others. Love and Faith combined are true Charity. And without Charity, giving back in some way through Love and Faith, we are not genuinely living in Love, and so on. The Triangle is used as a portal to communicate prayer to the Angelic Realms.  John of God

On the Casa grounds you will find three large triangles spread through out the, Healing Sanctuary. People come from all over the world to place prayers for healing for themselves and pictures and petitions their loved ones. When we ask for help through the Prayer Triangles, the Entities of Light send out teams of Spirit workers to assist all the Souls involved in the work of Healing, Love, Forgiveness and anything that is needed bring us back to balance. This work transcends this lifetime and reaches into our past lifetimes as well healinging our ancestral and 

Cassandra, My daughter and co guide and we encourage our group members to do as much triangle work as possible during their stay at the Casa. We suggest each participant begin preparing a “Laundry List.” This is a list of things in your life that you would like the Entities of Light, to help you with. The things on this list will be anything you would like to improve, manifest, heal, move forward, and release in your life.  Anything that will help you to be more in alignment with who you are as a Divine Being of Light. John of God

Going to the Casa is like entering a “Spiritual Washing Machine.” At the Casa you are supported by The Entities to work through any physical, mental, emotional, and psychic imbalances. Your “Laundry List” will be ongoing. You will be able to add new things and mark off others. This will help you become focused on why you are making this Sacred Journey to The Casa de Dom Inacio, and it will give the Entities of Light permission, to start helping you. By the time you get to the Casa it will be clear for you the top issues you would like to work on while you are there. Healing is a collaboration. Your most important job is to ASK FOR HELP! Recognize and give over to The Entities, “how you will heal. By asking for help, having Faith and cultivating Love you are doing your part.  Your healing experience and spiritual development, will continue long after you leave The Casa. The best way to continue your connection with The Work, is to keep asking for help.

John of God