Updates on JoG and Related Cases

By Josie Ravenwing ~ Casa  Group Leader

Friends, finally there is a bit of positive movement going on the past few weeks. Rather than post each event, I’m now posting a summary of what’s been going on. It’s a bit lengthy, but for those who want this, here goes!

1 – There have recently been a series of small but important and Brazilian newspaper articles talking about the unfair way JoG has been treated since all of this began in December. They are the first positive/supportive articles published since that time.

2 – JoG’s daughter Dalva, who had accused him of raping and sexually molesting her when she was young and still living with him, was taken to court, tried, and found guilty of false allegations. She was then fined 10 percent of the amount she was demanding from him in compensation for the alleged abuse.

3 – His defense team, which totaled 9 attorneys, resigned (or perhaps were fired?) which sounded bad at first but is actually good, as they really weren’t doing much for him and were costing a lot of money. Now he has just 2 new defense attorneys, but they are being much more active and proactive than the others were. The ones who resigned said they continue to believe in his innocence.

4 – JoG is suing the ITAU bank and the COAF organization for ITAU passing false info to COAF, which is Brazil’s financial council that looks into cases of money laundering, etc. It is a bit complicated to explain, but basically it is saying that JoG was arrested due to false information. ITAU was one of the banks where he had an account. After the initial Globo tv show was aired with the initial sexual allegations, it looked like JoG was going to need an attorney. So his wife filled out a form to request a withdrawal of a large sum of money so that it would be available for his defense. However, she never actually submitted the request. Nonetheless, ITAU bank officials reported to COAF that the money had actually been withdrawn, and that led to JoG’s arrest as the Abadiania judge was misinformed about the transfer of funds, and thus thought JoG was preparing to flee. His new defense attorney said ” For the defense (JoG) this is yet another face of this illegal and arbitrary arrest that is being revealed. In addition to moral degradation, the prison has imposed on Mr. João de Deus a sad and degrading deterioration of his state of health and this action will seek compensation for all the damage suffered.” HIs defense attorney also mentioned that JoG has fallen 10 times just in the past month, an indication of his increasingly compromised health.

5 – Over the past week, another of JoG’s daughters, Cynthia Shult de Faria, denounced the Vitimas Unidas (United Victims) organization, an NGO. She said to press reporters on August 14th, “Why didn’t the prosecution task force investigate the United Victims NGO that clearly said it had more than 600 victims of John of God? Of course, the NGO’s intention was to create, the more victims, the more compensation money that would end up in this criminal organization’s accounts, as it represents these false victims. ”

Then, in another newspaper article on August 15th came the next interview with her: ” “The mountain gave birth to a rat,” said Cynthia Shult de Faria, daughter of João de Deus, 8 months after the arrest of the medium, exclusively to the G24H (newspaper). After this period, it is clear that there was an exaggeration of the MP task force, which is past time to be undone, since it no longer justifies its work.

Exaggerations of the prosecution are a matter throughout Brazil, and Goiás is no different. The MP-GO task force in the João de Deus case, for example, said at the beginning of the investigations that it had over 600 reports of abuse against the medium.

Tomorrow, the medium is 8 months in prison and with only 45 complaints, not all consistent, showed up, with hard work and effort, which shows that prosecutors were betting high, but failed to substantiate most cases. That’s why his daughter lets off steam.”

6 – Back in late December, a Brazilian woman who goes by various names, including Sabrina Bittencourt, Sabrina de Campos Thiesen, and other names, made a video accusing JoG of running a child trafficking “baby farm” and depicting him as a monster. She also accused us Casa guides of taking these children out of Brazil to the U.S., Australia, etc., and aiding of the “sale” of these children for adoption. Grrrr!!!

The video was shown on several facebook pages and youtube. It hit the mainstream media and added to the international “scandal appeal” that is too often circulated in the media. In addition, she and Maria do Carmo dos Santos, the president of Vitimas Unidas (which I already mentioned) not only fanned this fire, but Maria aimed a vicious campaign of videos and facebook posts against various Casa administrators and local pousada and hotel owners, accusing them of being complicit in the whole mess. In particular, they attacked Chico Lobo, the Casa administrator who, after a lengthy period of hospitalization, finally succumbed to a lung infection on July 4th, to the sorrow of his family and many friends.

In mid-July, a member of Chico Lobo’s family sued Sabrina, Maria, Brazilian online Facebook, and some Brazilian “Radio and Relevisão” company for false allegations and resultant “moral damages.” The case was won and now requires the publication of retraction in the social networks of the defendants; condemnation of Maria do Carmos dos Santos to the payment of indemnity for moral damages in the amount of R $ 30,000 (thirty thousand reais); conviction of Sabrina de Campos Thiesen in the amount of thirty thousand reais (R $ 30,000.00) as moral damages; the condemnation of the requested Rádio e Televisão Record SA to pay R $ 40,000.00 (forty thousand reais) as moral damages.

After creating the horrible video, etc., when confronted by Brazilian journalist Paulo Pavesi demanding that Sabrina provide proof/documents/etc. of this supposed “baby farm,” Sabrina immediately and conveniently “committed suicide” for the THIRD TIME that we know of, and thus never provided the proof, the multitude of documents she professed to have!!! She has done this before (fake suicides), disappeared, and then resurfaced under another name. Apparently she was located for this legal process, and from what I understand the Lobo family is involved in additional legal suits against Maria, Sabrina and another VU colleague.

Unfortunately, none of these small to larger positive reports are being shown in the Brazilian mainstream media. And it was from their mainstream media that the international press initially picked up the various scandalous articles, so most of the world is still left with the wrong impressions of these issues.

But at least some of us are getting the new information!

I will do my best to continue to keep you all briefed on future important news on this case.

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