Synopsis of the Ongoing Events regarding John of God

Chronological Synopsis of the Ongoing Events re: Medium Joao

By Catherine Tucker (Owner of Pousada Luz Divina)

Friday, Dec. 7, 2018:

A program aired on a national televised broadcast on Globo, Brazil, calledConversations with Bial. Several women spoke out on their alleged experiences behind closed doors of Medium Joao’s private office.

Wednesday, Dec. 12th, 2018:

Medium Joao came to the CASA de Dom Inacio to proceed with his healing work and was literally swamped by the dozens of reporters onsite. He was able to make his way to the stage at the front of the great hall to make a short statement of his innocence. He told the crowd-filled hall that he was there to do the work of God and would cooperate with the authorities forthe investigation. It was determined impossible for him to work in the current rooms, and he was then escorted back to his car. Before he left the great hall, he turned and stated that St. Rita would take overhis chair. Her statue now resides in the medium’s chair in the current room, and prayers and healingrequests are placed in the basket beside her.

Friday, Dec. 14, 2018:

A Protective Custody Warrant was issued for Medium Joao, John of God, by the justice authorities of the state of Goias.

Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018:

Though Medium Joao continued to deny any truth to any of the stories, he turned himself in on his farm, near Abadiania, and said he was surrendering to ‘heavenly and earthly justice’ as was quoted in GLOBO,shortly after his surrender.

Week of Dec. 17, 2018:

Authorities went to the CASA, and searched everywhere, including the waterfall, for any evidence of improprieties. The State Sanitation Department arrived at the CASA Friday, Dec. 20th, and determined that even though The CASA had a license to manufacture the herbs and remedies sold at the CASA, they had far exceeded the volume that the license covered. For the moment, any further production there has been stopped until a full analysis of ingredients in the medicines is completed, and a higher authority can determine what is next.

Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019:

Medium Joao was taken to a hospital in Goiania, Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019, and was admitted in stable condition, after having blood in his urine, and, also having stomach pain and dizziness. He was returned to prison on his release a couple of days later, as was determined his incarceration was not a hazard to his health. Judges requested and evaluated his medical reports and concurred that his health was not at risk at that time. John of God

Week of January 9, 2019: John of God

Judge Rosangela Rodregues do Santos accepted the first of several complaints against Medium Joao, and as a result, he became a defendant for the crimes of rape through fraud, and rape of vulnerable. The press office of the Court of the Justice explained that the judge will not divulge details of the process, because the process is confidential.

Week of March 4, 2019: John of God

Habeus Corpus (or bail, or supervised release to his home, with an electronic tracking ankle bracelet) was denied for the fourth time by various judges at different levels of the court system. His legal team continues to appeal and point out the illegality of his imprisonment without trial, and at 77 years of age with various physical issues, the risk to his health.

Week of March 25, 2019: John of God

Medium Joao was moved to a hospital in Goiania for treatment over the weekend, per the continued efforts of his attorneys to secure his well-being and healthcare. The presiding judge acknowledged there was insufficient care available in prison, for Medium Joao’s various health conditions. A four-week stay has been granted, and he will be evaluated weekly as to the continued necessity for hospitalization. It was suggested that his attorney felt this would be a way to give relief as well, to Medium Joao’s highlycompromised living conditions.

April 19, Good Friday, 2019: John of God

The medical team at the Institute of Neurology Hospital in Goiania, GO, Brazil, have announced they will request an extension to the 30-day maximum hospital stay, for Medium Joao, due to pneumonia. They also stated that for reasons of medical privacy, they will not release any further information as to health details regarding Medium Joao. He remains in judicial custody at the hospital.

Friday May 31, 2019

Medium Joao has become physically stronger, with a clean bill of heath. He has now been released from the hospital and is back in prison awaiting his trial.

In Summary, Dec. 7th 2018 to Present Day: John of God

Amidst the maelstrom of international media, the numbers of women rose dramatically to more than 600 possible plaintiffs, who wrote in to authorities over the past weeks, most in emails to various Brazilian state police departments, claiming similar experiences. Unsubstantiated and sensational news exploded also, with stories of child trafficking, slavery, and even murder, resembling other paparazzi type tales appealing to the morose. The extreme reports of child trafficking and slavery have been dismissed by the latest account of news we found this week, for total lack of evidence to substantiate such investigation. Many other cases have been thrown out, and still others had expired their time of admissibility, having been reported as occurring many years ago, leaving speculations that financial gain and notoriety may have been a motive in some cases for some of these allegations.

Authorities are still investigating and speaking directly with all cases as to the voracity and likelihood of fact, which has resulted in several (3-4) separate formal charges of sexual abuse (it is hard to ascertain the exact number of charges, based on how the newspapers write their summary of these cases, whether they are overlapping, more of the same, or new), plus a charge of unregistered guns (found in his home), and possible money laundering (due to a large amount of cash and precious stones also found at his home). Medium Joao earns his living as a business owner of several businesses and farms since the early 80’s, including a gem mine for many, many years.

Prayers for Medium Joao, his family, the CASA, the village of Abadiania, and all those who have filed charges in this case, are needed to bring about healing and the truthful resolution for the highest good of all concerned, and for a greater good to be the result.

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