The Healing Work Continues & What Happened with John of God

I am sure you have heard in the media, and if not you are hearing it from me now, that Medium João Texeria, John of God, has been taken into custody with accusations of long term sexual abuse, among other charges. He is now awaiting trial in jail. I believe we are not here to condemn nor condone the actions and choices of our Human Brothers and Sisters but to send Blessings on their Eternal Souls, as we learn our own lessons and allow the Good to Prevail— as Light shines in on even the darkest secret places.  John of God in Jail

My prayers of Love, protection, and deep surrender toward right action, go out to all involved in this. May God and the Entities, hold all our Sisters and Brothers, in the Bright Light of Grace- to heal and transmute these deep wounds, for both victim and perpetrator – for the manifestation of the awakening and Divinity of Humanity.

I feel we are being called to rise up and take back the power we have given over to other human beings; gurus, celebrities, and men set in powerful positions. We are called to place it- rightly so- back in direct connection to Divine Healing Light, and Love’s Powerful Grace. 

In times of tragedy, chaos, and deep despair pervading the planet, we are called to rise up, take responsibility for our direct connection to the Beloved Entities of Light, and ask God for strength and courage to move forward in Love and Peace. What does not serve the Light, is being brought to the forefront in every corner of the globe to be transmuted and used, for the arising Miracles to come. The Master Jesus taught us to Love unconditionally and to forgive even that which seems most unforgivable.  What happened to John of G

I stand strong, holding the Space of Love, as we walk through this dark night together, Trusting the work of the Entities of Light to Guide us and Protect us. Forgiveness and John of God

Before Medium João left The Casa, he put the statue of St. Rita of Cascia, the Saint of the Impossible, on his chair and said that WORK at the Casa de Dom Inácio, will continue under her care. 

The Casa gates are open, with sessions running on the regular Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, schedule. Pilgrims are coming together, from all over the world in reverence, during this time of transition, and reporting incredible deep healing, spontaneous spiritual interventions, and luminous transformations and insights.

If you are called to the work of the Entities of Light, have been to The Casa in the past, or have been longing to make the journey, come join us in 2019- drink in and experience the delicious rebirth of the Casa de Dom Inácio. We will be traveling with groups March 4th-16th and August 5th-17th.  

The Light Will Prevail, and all is unfolding in perfect order, in the hands of God and the messengers- the Entities of Light and Love.

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