Healing Testimonies after Dec, 2018

The ENTITIES OF CASA de DOM INACIO – Since early December following the custody of Medium Joao, the ENTITIES working through the CASA de Dom Inacio are clearly continuing with their Healing Mission. St. Rita is believed to be in the Entities’ chair. “Guests are smelling roses everywhere.”

Testimonies – Guests here in the village are still reporting, “beautiful and powerful currents, spiritual interventions and stronger than ever, highly evolved energies often manifesting spontaneous Life-Changing Experiences”. 

Testimonies and Experiences at the CASA DE DOM INACIO in ABADIANIA

  • F M from Sweden
  • Waldemar Mytnik 
  • Dee from the US
  • Mytrae Meliana
  • G. Ray Eubanks 
  • Merri Lu Park and Rick 
  • Hitomi Akamatsu 
  • Trenka (Body Cosmos) 
  • A.K. – January 2019 – My Recent Experience in Abadiania 
  • With Love, Amy and Markus 
  • Klaus and Gundi
  • P.B from Bay Area, California
  • Peter Waugh, New Zealand

F M from Sweden

This is my second visit to the Casa. My first visit was great with a wonderful experience and this time I had a great experience too. The difference though is that this visit I felt more Pure Energy in the atmosphere straight away from the first day. I strongly recommend anyone to come and visit now at this time. I found out that João was not here when I arrived, but I kept my trust in God and the Entities and the work continues with even a stronger force. I feel more love in the air. 

Waldemar Mytnik

I would like to share my experience from the visit in Brazil. I was traveling from London to meet John of God 

on 11th of December for 3 weeks of my vacation. On this visit I believe that I was healed. After 2 days of praying I started to see out of my right eye which from the birth I never properly see. My right eye had “-7 weakness” and now I can see every little letters and numbers. Another Miracle which I would like to share is that I have regain sense of smell. All of this has happened during 3 days being at the CASA and the Abadiania.  At the beginning of my visit in Brazil, I was bleeding from the nose for couple of seconds every day for 3 days.  It was unusual because last time when I had blood from my nose it was many years ago and it wasn’t that intensive ever. During this day I felt very good physically and I didn’t expect to have bleeding at all, this just happened.  These miracles occur on an absence of the John. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to meet John but I believe that Miracles happen and I am one of the proofs. 

Dee from the US

The Entities are working in full force, the Energies are very strong, the Currents are always full and there have been many testimonials of during this past month of December and into the New Year. 

Mytrae Meliana 

I arrived at the CASA as the news of Medium Joao was breaking. The CASA has been my Spiritual Home for almost 10 years. Like everyone here I was shaken by the current events, yet, I feel privileged to be here during this time of great transition and transformation. I have been at the CASA at other times when Medium Joao was away or sick and always had very powerful experiences. The CASA staff and volunteers have risen to the occasion with great Faith and Teamwork to ensure that visitors have structure and space for powerful  experiences. All activities except intervention lines are held, yet interventions continue to take place, as people need or internally request. The Work and Guidance of the Entities is just as powerful, as when Medium Joao was here.

We are being asked to develop our own direct connection and relationship with the Entities. We are asked to rely on ourselves, tune in to our own intuition, and trust in ourselves and Spirit rather than relying on an external figure. Current is extraordinarily powerful and I had two Surgeries in the past two weeks for an impinged shoulder. The Entities’ Love and Guidance are no different and just as extraordinary as when Medium Joao was here. It is my belief that the CASA is transitioning to an even greater Light and Love and will include the Divine Feminine more — it will just look a little different and we need to upgrade our ideas of how the Entities work. In “Spiritist Centers” it is understood that Spirits do the work, not mediums, in accord with our readiness, faith, and intention.  I see the current transition as part of our Age of Awakening where we’re being asked not to look to others as authority figures but to tune into our own Light, Truth, and Sovereignty.

I will continue to return to the Casa as my spiritual home 1-2 times a year, and recommend others visit for their Spiritual Evolution if they feel so aligned. I would educate people differently on what to expect and how to develop their own personal relationship with the Entities. 

Mytrae Meliana Author, John of God: A Guide To Your Healing Journey With Spirit Doctors Beyond The Veil

G. Ray Eubanks

I have to truthfully say I was initially concerned that Medium João would not be present to participate in my process. But I found the Entities are still present and are still willing to help me. The CASA is still a very powerful place, and, thanks to the dedicated staff, it continues to function pretty much as before. My process is going to take some time, so I will be returning. I wish you many blessings. 

Merri Lu Park and Rick

My husband and I have been here many times as Guides over the last 14 years, and lived here for two years. It feels so important to let people know that the Spiritual Entities continue to be fully functioning and working around the clock here. The Current Rooms remain full of people during each session and the energy is being recognized as such a gift by many. People are receiving Spiritual Interventions both at the CASA and in their Pousada rooms. My husband experienced one, as well. The Entities began to work on me during the long flight here, improving my vision and restoring more of my hearing before we even arrived! This has continued day by day while here! In addition, I was healed of breast cancer this fall through their long-distance help! An incredible blessing, for which I am so grateful to them. 

When I first sat down under the banner of St. Rita in the Chapel, my feet felt glued to the earth and rushes of energy began to flow up through my body…my hands became hot and tingling and the Waves of Energy continued even after I left the chapel. During the Christmas supper at Luz Divina the current was so palpable and the presence of the Entities so strong I think everyone was aware of it. Last Friday, Dec 28, I experienced incredibly beautiful Current in the Chapel during both sessions. Clearly, the work continues unabated and the Spiritual Entities are able to accomplish interventions in the absence of Medium Joao. I pray people in need continue to come and receive the current energies and interventions that are occurring. All blessings,  

Hitomi Akamatsu (abbr)

I, Hitomi AKamatsu, Japanese nationality, hereby state as follows: I am a victim of the nuclear radiation that occurred in Japan in Fukushima (2011 and 2012) because of natural disasters (earthquake and tsunamis). I suffered from the various complicated diseases as a result of nuclear radiation including leukemia, thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, paralysis and chronic fatigue. I was in wheelchair having 80% of my body was paralyzed. I was miraculously cured by the Entity who comes through John of God. I am alive and have no symptom of the above diseases any more, all thanks to God.  I visited Abadiania in January 2019. I can feel the Energy of Abadiania continues to be powerful and peaceful. This is truly a Sacred Place blessed by God. The Energies of the Entities and the CASA continues forever. 

Trenka (Body Cosmos)

I have experienced beautiful frequencies here around Abadiânia that has touched everyone who are visiting the CASA, whether it be first- or old-timers, with more Love for each other and an Awakening that we are all brothers and sisters in this world together. The anchoring of this sweet energy in the air is electrifying, and we are bonding together, during this time that has affected us all, with support of growth and expansion within our hearts; which is all the Entities of Pure Light at the CASA, has ever desired for us… an opening of our hearts from within, so that we may be able to receive what we have all been asking for. Slowly more are coming here and participating within this microcosm to help clean and heal the planet and ourselves as a whole. I am honored that my soul chose to be here at this time”. 

A.K. – January 2019  (Abbr) – My Recent Experience in Abadiania  

My Recent Experience in Abadiania – I recently returned from two magical weeks in Abadiania, Brazil. My experience of the Casa de Dom Inacio began for me from the day I made the energetic exchange of a deposit to my guides. Interestingly, in the months leading up to the trip, my travel companion and I both began to notice major life shifts happening. These events helped to shape our intentions for the journey.

As December rolled around, I could hardly wait for my departure. Despite the crisis that occurred at the Casa in December, I never had a doubt about my upcoming journey. I believe everything happens for a reason. I was certain that my first-time experience at the Casa would be enlightening no matter how things unfolded. 

I heard it said that the “Veil” is very thin in Abadiania. It could be thought of as the dividing point between seen and unseen, known and unknown, or time-bound and timeless. I have no doubt that there are powerful, benevolent forces at work at the Casa de Dom Inacio and I can attest to physically feeling the Entities working on me, which is still happening even as I write this, 6000 miles away. My wonderful Pousada played a large part by providing me with a beautiful room and by serving its fantastic daily menus of three delicious home cooked meals. My room was a mini oasis within the larger oasis that is the Casa and the highly-charged vortex surrounding it. 

The Miracles of Abadiania do not only occur during the day; the major revelations and miracles occurred for me as well during my night dreams. I actively dreamt every night during my visit and my recollection and interpretation in the morning were crystal clear. I could see that the unfolding of my wishes were appearing in my dream state. The repetitive symbolism present in the dreams helped me to better understand these messages. 

While I arrived to Abadiania physically and emotionally knotted, my visit rejuvenated me. Every day, I felt energized, physically well, and emotionally balanced. I returned to California with a fresh perspective and new interests for study. I am grateful to my guides; to the loyal volunteers at the CASA. 

Here are a few interesting experiences I had in Abadiania:

For the last few years I had been having pain due to bone spurs that had built up on the left side of my neck. As I passed the CASA’s main hall on the day I arrived, I began to feel a pleasant but intense vibration in my left shoulder, like a vibrator had been placed on my neck and left shoulder. After that day, every time I sat in the Main Hall and Current Room, the buzzing would begin, sometimes for up to 30 seconds at a time. I am amazed that this still happens every few hours, even two weeks after returning home.

After my first visit to the Sacred Waterfall, I found three bright red marks on my stomach, as if an object had marked me. I had not changed into dry clothing after the waterfall nor had anything touched my skin. I took this as a potential first intervention and rested as one would have been instructed to when the medium was in his chair.

A particular interesting appearance happened to me during meditation in Current during my second week. I actually wasn’t sure at the time if the person in my mind’s eye was a man or a woman, or if s/he was Indian or a person of similar ethnic characteristics. When later that day I looked at a painting of Dr. Jose Valdivino, I knew immediately that this was the Entity that appeared to me in current. I felt very comforted by this.

A rather miraculous occurrence happened after dinner early on New Year’s Eve. I was sitting with my guide at dinner, when I suddenly felt moved to get up and leave the table. As I was placing my dishes near the kitchen, I took my phone out of my bag and happened to look down…to see that my phone was calling a woman whose photo I had taken to the CASA as a favor. This woman, “MS,” had found me in an Abraham Hicks FB group, and asked if I would consider taking her photo with me to the CASA so that she could get distant Intervention . I was happy to do a favor for a total stranger. I submitted her photo on my first CASA day and figured we’d have an email exchange when I get home. But the Entities thought otherwise and connected us via modern technology – Facebook Messenger – to ensure that this woman in Florida and I would not only connect but speak for the first time! She and I ended up having a wonderful conversation and discovered that we truly had so much in common. I felt my heart burst open with love for her. She had been a total stranger but was now becoming a new friend. We both will always treasure that mysterious telephone connection.

Catching Orbs on film is a fun pastime in Abadiania. Excited to catch an orb or two, I snapped about 20 shots above the second CASA crystal store. All the photos appeared to reveal a dark and cloudy night sky…until I finally captured THE photo! This photo revealed the sky lit up with Orbs of all sizes, with a few super bright. My first real Orb photo was a treasure trove that said to me, “We are here!” Since then, I have learned that earnestly appealing to the Entities to show themselves has brought forth many more amazing Orb photographs. The Orb phenomena in Abadiania is very powerful. 

In summary, I so enjoyed my first experience in Abadiania that I am planning my second trip later this year – back to the same pousada and my same room! I love my Pousada and felt very welcomed and comfortable there. I fully recommend to anyone reading this, who has entertained the possibility of visiting the CASA, to go visit and witness your own personal miracles. It’s a spiritual journey to a magical destination unlike any other. A.K. – January 2019  

With Love, Amy and Markus (abbr)

We keep you in our hearts and hope you are in a place of peace and love this new year. Markus and I have just completed leading a group of 8 newcomers at the Casa in Abadiania.  Given the current circumstances with Medium Joao, we wanted to make a report about our experiences this time at the Casa.

We arrived on December 27th in Abadiania a few days before our group.  My first impression upon going to the CASA was how quiet it was compared to the standing room only situation during a “usual” CASA session.  Sitting in the garden that first day, I felt simultaneously a pervading sadness and also a very clear and powerful Current Energy.  The Current Rooms were full and the great hall had around 50 people waiting for the lines to be called.  The CASA volunteers were reciting prayers with reverence as usual with those who waited.  The Triangle in the great hall was full of photos and requests wedged into the bottom.  I had with me a paper with my many written intentions. No longer asked to bring just three concise requests, I made sure to fill the paper with all my intentions.  Going through the second time line, I entered the Current Room and noticed the sublime, enfolding energy of the Current.

Approaching the Medium’s chair I felt the Energy heighten.  I placed my requests in the large basket that had previously sat next to the entity but now was in the middle of the floor in front of the chair.  The statue of Saint Rita was and continues to be in the chair.  A calming, yet powerful, Feminine Energy moved through me as I accepted a small cup of blessed CASA water and made my way to the Blessing Room of the CASA.  The usual volunteers where present, guiding each to a seat and we were asked to uncross our bodies and close our eyes.  The Blessing was extended into several minutes with prayers recited in Portuguese.  The flow of Energy in the space was quite altering and I felt that I had received deep energy work, cleansing and blessing me.  The volunteer released us and requested that we make our way to have the CASA blessed soup.

Spontaneous interventions however are happening frequently in the Current rooms, Crystal Beds, Waterfall, and while resting at the pousada reported by our group and others we talked with.  I myself experienced a spontaneous intervention in the Current Room this past Thursday morning, which for me was the most powerful experience ever of the Entities Energy while at the CASA.  I finished the Current, though needed to take a taxi back to my room and then slept deeply for the 24 hours.  Markus had an intervention soon after arriving while in bed.  Some long time CASA volunteers, whom are regularly in the Current, reported to us that they feel the  energy is at a heightened vibrational state like never before and that a deep cleansing has taken place at the CASA.

Overall, we found the experience of the newcomers in our group to be exceptional.  All were willing to step up to take the responsibility required to meet Spirit and the Divine directly without the intermediary of John of God, the medium, present to give direction.  All have reports of unique experiences receiving insights, felt sense, guidance, and/or physical sensation regarding their specific intentions and other awakenings and revelations that were unexpected. much the same as when the medium is present.  Many commented on how they appreciated the quiet at the Casa and could hardly imagine the chaos of having hundreds of people there as when the medium is present.  Three people in the group extended their stay in Abadiania for a week or two and many say they plan to return to the Casa as they found the retreat and energy deeply restorative and life changing.

The CASA is running as it would if medium Joao were away at an international visit. Many mediums continue to be in the Current throughout the CASA holding the Energy and the Current rooms were always full.  First time, second time, and revision lines are all available and move through the Current and Blessing rooms as I have described above.  Everyone can have blessed soup, make appointments for crystal bed sessions, make appointments for entity massage, and purchase blessed water on their own.  The waterfall is open to all with the same rules posted.  The first visit to the Waterfall one is asked to go with someone who has already been and then after that can go as they choose.  Changes are that no herbs are currently available at the Casa and no formal interventions are being offered.  

There are no formal “post” intervention rules to follow right now as in the past, though all in our group where made aware of what is usually requested as far as rest and guidelines and asked to follow their intuition about what was right for them.  One of our group members requested an intervention in the triangle then went back to the pousada to rest for 24 hours and received profound experience of the entities work in her room during that time.  Another person put her request for an intervention into the basket going though the second time line and then taxied back to the pousada for the 24 hours of rest.

The Casa book store in expanded and remodeled and still has blessed casa crystals, books, and gifts for purchase.  The crystal light beds and male/female crystals are also available for purchase and blessed by the entities in current. With Love, Amy and Markus

Klaus and Gundi (abbr) 

Gundi and I will soon be departing from five weeks of soul searching and unprecedented experiences in Abadiania. We arrived on December 3rd, four days prior to the devastating world-wide news releases about John of God. We witnessed Joao’s last day in Entity, on Friday, December 7th (the news broke that evening). We experienced the police, media and paparazzi persecution and commotion that followed on the next Casa day, Wed, Dec 12th, when Joao arrived at the Casa, was finally twisted away from the prosecuting media mob and, surrounded by his helpers, was rushed to his seat in the Current Room, where he placed the statue of Santa Rita into his seat, and said “Now you take my chair ”. We witnessed the week-long staging of news-hungry camera teams outside the Casa gates that followed.

We witnessed the annual Christmas party on Saturday, December 15th, at the Casa Soup Kitchen in town, which took place despite everything, so hundreds or even thousands of needy children and their families in town would get a hot meal and their gifts — for many of them it would likely be the only ones they received. Miraculously, the paparazzi would film that, too! They were also invited for lunch, bashfully admitting… “We are only doing our job …” And we experienced the changes that happened in the CASA process itself, spear-headed by loving Casa volunteers. We experienced the declining number of people coming to the Casa, from standing room only in the big hall prior to 12/7 down to a few tens of people in 2nd-time line and single-digit numbers in first time line.

And then we witnessed re-emergence of a New CASA in subsequent weeks, with the Current Rooms full to capacity already 30 minutes prior to session begin, and the number of people in the big hall, waiting to go through the lines, steadily increasing, with beautiful Energies all-around. Something new has been arising from the ashes … a process of cleansing is happening … something that is not denial… even though the reality is very different from how it was portrayed by the scandal-thirsty news media … taking responsibility with an atmosphere of compassion and forgiveness, taking to heart what Master Jesus said to the angry mob about to kill the adulterer, “Who among you is free of sin and will throw the first stone?”

We feel very hopeful about the emergence of a New CASA, one where each visitor takes the initiative for his/her own well-being, one where the Entities are still working relentlessly with every person who asks for help; one where Trust, Agape, and Charity reign unconditionally; one where the Feminine principle of nurturing and compassion will prevail; under the patronage of Santa Rita.  We encourage you to consider, or reconsider, coming back to Abadiania and, by doing so, be infilled and empowered, receiving and giving just the same. 

P.B. from Bay Area, California 

Medium João was not sitting in his chair or anywhere onsite during my first visit to Abadiania. I was, at first, apprehensive to come due to the unexpected interruption to his role as the medium of Casa Dom Inacio. However, I know from trusted spiritual partners that the Entities are working still in Abadiania and, more specifically, at Casa Dom Inacio, even without João. I found this to be undeniably true.

I have felt, on innumerable occasions since my arrival, the  support of the Entities. My  has unfolded on a variety of meaningful levels (like all  the notable literature and first-hand accounts say). I am reluctant now to leave this place. My spiritual trajectory has been reinforced by those who know and understand how the Entities Work. Abadiania and Casa Dom Inacio is the vortex that I was hoping to encounter. Even without João, at this juncture,  is unfolding exponentially in Abadiania. 

Peter Waugh from New Zealand 

I have been coming to the Casa for many years, from New Zealand, having being told by the Entity on my first journey here that my mission was to connect people with these energies

Here this time I am with just one friend to check out for myself the current state of affairs.

I can honestly say that I have never experienced the energy here quite as profound and sublime as it is at the present time. 

It seems something has shifted to a much stronger feminine form. Wherever I sit even in the main hall and garden or waterfall, the energy is strongly and deeply there. There is a great deal more silence also. Those who are here, seem to be here to work seriously. Many are getting seemingly miraculous interventions as outlined in other testimonials. I recommend to anyone who feels called at this time to come soon and receive what is being offered here.

Peter Waugh from Wellington, New Zealand

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