First Time Visit?

John of God never charges for his services and visiting his healing compound is free. However, it is highly recommended that first-timers to John of God go with an official Casa guide who can offer an all-inclusive tour (meals, lodging, local transportation, personal assistance at the Casa, etc.)

John of God has said that each person who visits the Casa for the first time should go with a Casa tour guide. This is because there are protocols around how everything works at the Casa.

Since the spoken language there is Portuguese, it is really beneficial to work with a guide who will share information in advance of your visit that will prepare you for the spiritual healing a visit to the Casa will render.

A guide will also give you helpful orientations, provide all hotel reservations and ground transportation between the airport and Abadiania, take you through the line to meet John of God on your first day at the Casa, help you as you recover after your treatments, take you to the sacred waterfall, and be able to answer every question that arises during your healing process.

Having a guide is also helpful in the case of any emergency—medical or otherwise.

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