Our Casa Trip March 2019

Update from our visit to the Casa March 2019

We went to the Casa in Brazil  in March of 2019, to experience for ourselves what is happening there since John of God, set Saint Rita of Cassia in charge of the Work.  I am so excited and grateful to report that the Healing continues there, and it is as strong as ever. The Current rooms are still full of people from all over the world sitting in prayer and meditation. I felt the energy as we sat in the Current Meditation is very deep and quite powerful with clear insights and luminous visions. The Casa current sessions are running about two hours long with 100’s of people going through the lines to present their issues and receive the healing interventions and blessings directly from the Benevolent Entities of Light at the Casa. 

The Casa Angelic Spirits are working vigilantly with each one of us directly without the intersession of a single medium translating the messages. Because there is no one in the mediums chair to ask questions, there is a heightened layer of responsibility to hone, and develop our own personal mediumship skills and to sort out and navigate our thoughts, positive and negative feelings, and insights and intuition, into what needs to be cleansed cleared and healed and what the messages of love and light are being transmitted to us directly. The Spirits of Light and Love at the Casa are helping us to move into a new paradigm shift of direct connection and relationship participating fully from within. The Entities of Light are ready and present to assist us to release the old baggage of worry fear and unresolved embitterments and clear the space for more Peace, more Love, and sweet Joy.

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